Classic TA Alize Deluxe Track Cranks

Available crank lengths are 167.5mm, and 165mm only.

track crank

Alize Deluxe track crankset with 49 tooth 1/8" chainring.

The Alize Deluxe uses a 111mm JIS bottom bracket for a 43.5mm chainline, the track standard. For use on the road, I recommend the Phil Wood or the TA Axix. The Axix is made in a 110mm, which is close enough, since the chainline is adjustable.


In July, 2009, we received a small shipment of the later production Alize cranks, in only two lengths; 172.5mm and 175mm. These came to us as doubles, with 53-39 Alize silver chainrings and steel chainring bolts. The price for these is $350.00 We will not substitute other chainrings at this price. The photo below shows the correct arms, but not the correct chainrings or crankbolts.

The Alize double uses a 103mm JIS bottom bracket axle on a frame with a 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" seat tube. With a 1-3/8" seat tube, use a 107mm or 108mm axle.

Alize Light with Red Hegoa chainrings. The red Auto-Extractor are no longer available.

If you would prefer to get one of these Alize cranks in another configuration, we can do it, but the base cost goes to $400. Then we can change the chainrings, deducting the cost of the rings you don't want, and adding back in the cost of the rings you do want. Essentially, the $350 price is a discount for buying the crank as we received it. And I don't want a large inventory of silver Alize rings in 53 and 39 teeth sizes.

This crank can be configured as a single, a double, or a triple. To make it a triple, you'll need an Alize K+ middle chainring, which will allow you to mount a 74mm bolt circle inner chainring. You'll also need a longer BB axle o make space for the third chainring.


Alize Tandem with black chainrings.

I stock the tandem fronts (captain's) in 175mm and 172.5mm. I stock tandem rears (stoker's) in 172.5mm. Tandem timing rings are black or silver. The black rings have 39 teeth and the silver rings have 40 teeth. Drive rings can be black (in some sizes) or silver. We have very few Alize tandem cranksets in stock as of April, 2009. These are no longer made.

Alize 2nd Gen track crankset.

Available arms: 175mm only. Chainrings use 1/8"chain only.

130mm Alize Chainrings

Available Outer rings in Silver: 48t, 50t, 52t, 53t, 54t, 55t, 56t.

Available Outer rings in Black: 48t, 50t, 52t, 53t, 54t.

Available Middle rings in Silver: 38t, 40t, 42t, 43t, 44t.

Available Middle rings in Black: 38t, 39t, 40t, 42t, 43t, 44t.

Available track rings in 1/8" width: 38, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52

74mm Alize Chainrings

Available Inner rings in Silver: 24t, 25t, 26t, 27t, 28t, 29t, 30t, 32t.

Available Inner rings in Black: 24t, 26t, 28t, 30t, 32t.

All cranksets are available with the chainring sizes you choose.

Alize Deluxe (1st Generation) track crankset: 165mm or 167.5mm arms, 130mm bolt circle 49 tooth 1/8" chainring, chainring bolts & crank bolts:

Add $25 to change to a different size chainring.

$ 375.00
Alize (2nd Generation) track crankset: 175mm arms only, 130mm bolt circle 1/8" chainring (any available size), chainring bolts & crank bolts: $225.00
Alize Tandem Triple crankset: Arms, chainrings, chainring bolts & crank bolts:
$ 350.00
Axix Bottom Brackets use two 6903 bearings, have 2mm of chainline adjustment, and are available in British (BSC) or Italian threading.
Axix Light bottom bracket (steel axle) for double or triple:
$ 98.00
Axix Pro bottom bracket (titanium axle) for double or triple:
$ 134.00
Xytech Bottom Brackets use three 6903 bearings, easy bearing replacement, have 2mm of chainline adjustment, and are available in British (BSC) or Italian threading.
Xytech bottom bracket (steel axle) for double or triple:
$ 120.00
Xytech Pro bottom bracket (titanium axle) for double or triple:
$ 176.00
Auto-Extractors: Silver or Black,
Two sets needed for tandems.
$ 17.00
TA spanners for installing bottom brackets. Price for the pair:
$ 35.00

The Alize Triple is no more. But you can use an Alize double set of arms, then add an outer chainring, an Alize K+ tripleizer middle chainring, and an inner 74mm Zelito chainring to make yourself a triple crankset.



I get frequent requests for weights of various combinations of cranks and chainrings. One person wants to know how much a 175mm Alize with 52-42-26 rings weighs. Another wants to know how much a 155mm Zephyr with 48-36-24 rings weighs, and what the difference would be if he got a stainless 24 tooth ring instead of aluminum.

Well, I don't have all the answers, but I do have some weights for comparison purposes.

Alize Triple crankset: 172.5mm arms, 52-42-32 teeth: 760 grams.

Alize Double crankset: 172.5mm arms, 52-42 teeth: 670 grams.

Alize Light crankset: 172.5mm arms, 52-42 teeth: 630 grams.

The "Light" version of the Alize is so much lighter than the "Double" due to the use of aluminum chainring bolts and extra machining off of material from the chainrings.

Alize Track crankset: 172.5mm arms 48 teeth single ring: 620 grams.


To see my full selection of chainrings, click here.

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For more about bottom brackets, click here.

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