This is the list of companies and the products I distribute to bicycle shops throughout the US and Canada. If you would like your local bike shop to sell these products, please let them know. Or, let me know and I'll send them some information.

Busch & Müller

B&M make the Lumotec line of dynamo powered headlights, including variants such as the Lumotec Oval Plus, Lumotec Fly, Lumotec IQ Fly and Lumotec Retro. They also make the Dymotec sidewall dynamos. Also, they make terrific battery powered headlights for bikes such as the Big Bang, Ixon, Ixon IQ, Ixon IQ Speed and Ixon Speed, and some nice mirrors.

Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau

Schmidt makes the SON hub dynamo and the E6 headlight.

Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain makes the Silkroad and Panamericana bicycle frames, and the Singletrailer for bringing along your child.


Inoled makes the Inolight headlights, and Inopower battery packs.


Pitlock makes very secure stainless steel locking skewers for bicycles.


Spanninga makes the SPXb fender mounted taillight and a few other LED lights for your bike.