700c Road Tires

Avocet Continental Panaracer Schwalbe Veloflex

All of these companies make more tires than what I list here. But I can't stock them all. This page hasn't been updated in a while. Sorry about that. But it gives you an idea of what we stock. Call or email for availability and pricing. We have more tires available than is listed here. And we have lots of 26" road tires as well. We also have a good selection of presta valve tubes with both normal length valves and long valves for use with deep V section rims. We don't stock any schreader valve tubes.


Criterium 20 25mm Non foldable lightweight tire for training and fast day rides $20.00
Duro 32mm Non foldable tire with slick tread for comfortable day touring or light extended trips. $23.00
Duro Plus 35mm Non foldable tire with slick tread for very comfortable day touring or loaded touring. $23.00


Model Description Width Weight Price
Grand Prix 3000 Conti's best racing tire. Five-ply casing, silica tread compound, very light, low rolling resistance. 23, 25, 28mm 20mm; 170gr,
23mm; 200gr,
25mm; 210gr,
28mm; 220 gr
Ultra 2000 foldable Same casing as Ultra 3000 with standard black tread. 23, 25, 28mm 23mm;  220gr,
25mm; 250gr,
28mm, 270gr
Ultra 2000 wire bead Same as above but with steel bead to save cost 28mm 28mm, 330gr $22.00
Grand Prix wire bead Very fast, great traction but fragile sidewalls. 20mm $30.00
Grand Prix wire bead A more comfortable version of the above. 23mm $30.00
Grand Prix foldable Very fast, great traction but fragile sidewalls. Aramid bead 20mm $36.00
Grand Prix foldable A more comfortable version of the above. Aramid bead. 23mm $36.00
Grand Sport foldable My all time favorite tire for day touring. Light and durable. Very tough sidewalls. 25mm $28.00
Grand Sport Not as light but just as durable. Steel bead. 25mm $24.00
Top Touring 2000 black wall If your bike can fit these, you've got one very cool bike! 47mm $32.00


Axial Pro 20mm They're ugly but the center ridge is designed to be durable and fast, and the side rubber is sticky for cornering traction. I haven't tried them. That's just what Michelin says. $42.00
Axial Pro 23mm Same as above but the larger size is more comfortable and just between you and me, the rolling resistance is the same. $42.00
Axial Select 23mm Michelin's new casing without the ugly GREEN! $28.00


Since I like Schwalbe tires so much, I decided to give them a page all of their own.

Go to our separate page for Schwalbe tires.


Pave 22mm

My fastest tire. Made in Italy by the same Italians who used to make Vittoria tires. These have extremely supple sidewalls and grippy treads. If you can't ride tubulars, and want the next best thing, these are it.

No goofy colors, just black tread and a tan sidewall. Cotton casing.






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