SON Taillight for Rack

New for 2014, Wilfried Schmidt is now making taillights! This bright little gem attaches to your rear rack with 50mm wide bolt spacing, or to any of the Busch & Müller rack adapters. This is for use with 6 volt dynamo headlights. It works with Schmidt, Busch & Müller and Spanninga headlights, but not Supernova. These are available either silver anodized or black anodized. Shown here with the red lens.

We just received these so I haven't even had time to do a permanent installation. Here's the silver anodized housing with red lens on a Tout Terrain Metropolitan we're building up.

This taillight has no reflector. So if you want a reflector, you'll need a separate reflector, or a different taillight. I'll be stocking a few reflectors from Busch & Müller this fall, (2014).

The SON Taillight is compatible with all 6 volt dynamo headlights from Schmidt, Busch & Müller and Spanninga. They even work with the Luxos U. But they should not be used with any Supernova dynamo headlights.

New for 2015



Son Taillight for Seatpost, Black Anodized, Red LED, Clear Lens, Part # SCH69252, Price: $ 86.00


Son Taillight for Seatpost, Black Anodized, Red LED, Red Lens,Part # SCH69262, Price: $ 86.00


Son Taillight for Seatpost, Silver Anodized, Red LED, Clear Lens, Part # SCH69272, Price: $ 86.00


Son Taillight for Seatpost, Silver Anodized, Red LED, Red Lens, Part # SCH69272, Price: $ 86.00

Prices - SON Taillights

SON Taillight, 50mm rack mount, Silver Anodized, Clear Lens, Part Number SCH69170: $ 65.00
SON Taillight, 50mm rack mount, Silver Anodized, Red Lens, Part Number SCH69180: $ 65.00
SON Taillight, 50mm rack mount, Black Anodized, Clear Lens, Part Number SCH69150: $ 65.00
SON Taillight, 50mm rack mount, Black Anodized, Red Lens, Part Number SCH69160: $ 65.00

SON Taillight, Seatpost mount, Silver Anodized, Clear Lens, Part Number SCH69272: $ 86.00
SON Taillight, Seatpost mount, Silver Anodized, Red Lens, Part Number SCH69282: $ 86.00
SON Taillight, Seatpost mount, Black Anodized, Clear Lens, Part Number SCH69252: $ 86.00
SON Taillight, Seatpost mount, Black Anodized, Red Lens, Part Number SCH69262: $ 86.00


We have lots of headlights that work with the SON. The main headlight page is here. More info is on the Inoled page. Info about some headlight beams is here.


We have quite a few taillights that can be attached to the headlight. If you use a taillight with a halogen headlight, you should use a different bulb than if you use the headlight alone. With an LED headlight, there's nothing to change in the headlight regardless of whether a taillight is used.

The Great Taillight Controversy

Some people worry that if they have a taillight wired to the system, the wire might be damaged somehow, causing the taillight to fail. Others take their bikes on trips via airplane, and need to remove rear racks and fenders to pack the bike, and the dynamo powered taillights need to mount on either a rack or a fender, raising the issue of having to disconnect a wire along with the rack or fender.

But these issues need not be a problem. Wire connectors are readily available that can be used in-line, so that when you remove your rack, you quickly disconnect the wire right along with it. You can get them from Radio Shack. And we have some high quality gold plated connectors from Supernova. Unbolting a rack is a lot more work than disconnecting an electrical connector that's designed for that purpose. And by using dynamo powered taillights, you reduce the need for batteries, the expense of buying new ones, and the hassle of being sure rechargeables are properly charged. Battery taillights are great for backing up dynamo taillights, in the rare case of a wire failure or circuit failure inside the light itself.

As of March 2007 I also have heavy duty coaxial wire available which should make people less concerned about wire failures. In practice, wire failures are extremely rare, even with the light weight wire from Busch & Müller. I know this because I have quite a few customers for whom I have installed their taillights myself, and who ride many thousands of miles a year, and are here with their bike quite frequently. It just isn't a problem, in practice. I sell several hundred wired taillights a year, and it's rare to have a customer call to complain about his wire failing. Almost all calls come while the customer is installing the system for the first time. I still recommend a second battery powered taillight, either for the added light, but mostly as a backup in the rare event a wire does fail. However, it's generally best to leave them switched off, and save the battery for when it's really needed on a rainy night. When you consider all of the pros and cons, if you could only have one taillight, if at all possible it should be wired and powered by the dynamo.

Click here for light mounting options.

Click here for wiring instructions.

Your SON hub equipped wheel is expensive. You can help keep it from being stolen from your bike by using a Pitlock skewer.

Where to Buy?

Call us at 603 478 0900 to order directly from Peter White Cycles.

Shop List by State/Province

Click here for a list of shops selling Busch & Müller, Schmidt, Pitlock, Spanninga and Supernova.

If you live outside the US or Canada, please first check this web page to see if there is a distributor for Schmidt products in your country.

If there is, I will not ship any Schmidt products to you. You must contact the importer in your country.

Dealer Inquiries Invited. Please call 603 478 0900

If you have a retail bicycle shop, or are a bicycle manufacturer or professional wheel builder, you can purchase the SON hubs and lights, or built wheels for resale. Any shop in the US or Canada can purchase SON hubs and lights for sale in your store. Please call me for wholesale pricing on hubs, lights and complete built wheels with Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity rims built by Peter Jon White. Peter White Cycles is the official representative for Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau in the US and Canada, and we want all bicycle shops to be able to sell the SON. But, we will absolutely not sell any Schmidt products to bicycle shops outside the US or Canada.

For more information, see my dealer page.

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