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The Plug III

The Plug is a device that converts the A.C. from your 6 volt, 3 watt hub or sidewall dynamo and converts it to D.C. So you can charge most devices that charge via a USB port such as a Garmin GPS or iPhone. Devices it can't charge are those that require 1 amp or more of current, such as the iPad and some phones. For example, the Galaxy S4 apparently ships with a charger that outputs 2 amps. No hub dynamo can produce that much power, so forget about charging the S4 from a bicycle dynamo. This is due to the limited output of bicycle dynamos, not any limitation of The Plug.

The Plug is installed in the steerer tube of a 1 1/8" steel threadless steerer, the most common type used on modern bicycles. It replaces the top cap of the headset.

The Plug III, Part # TOU620-003-021: $ 170.00

Carbon fiber and aluminum forks often have carbon fiber or aluminum steerer tubes, and the inside diameter of those steerer tubes is too small for the expander that ships with The Plug. We now have a suitable expander to work with carbon fiber steerer tubes, at least for the 1 1/8" diameter.

Tout Terrain Expander for 1-1/8" carbon fiber steerer tubes.

Part # TOU832004010, Price: $ 19.00

Your fork must be open at the bottom of the steerer tube to allow the wire to pass through. Some carbon fiber forks are sealed at the bottom of the steerer tube. So these won't work with The Plug.

Peter White Cycles is the US and Canada importer for Tout Terrain. You can buy Tout Terrain products directly from us. Or, your local shop can get them for you from us. We ship to any bicycle shop in the US and Canada.

Almost all products on the Tout Terrain website which we don't keep in stock can also be ordered. The exceptions are items like the Singletrailer, Streamliner and Streamliner+ which are for the use of children. Our warm and cuddly friends in Washington DC will toss me in the slammer if I import these items without first spending tens of thousands of dollars having them certified as safe by those same DC friends.

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