White Industries LMDS

Out of Production. There will be no more, ever. Sorry.


Shimano's Rapidfire shifters are extremely complex, almost impossible to service and rather unreliable. Grip Shift and Sachs both have very functional and reliable rotational shifters that solve the reliability problems but can result in poor shifts to higher gears when on the smaller rear cogs, especially as water and dirt fowl the cable. Stiffer springs and other devices can improve the up-shifting performance but only by adding resistance while down-shifting.

The White Industries Linear Motion Derailleur System, LMDS solves this problem by eliminating the need for a return spring and parallelogram. The pulley cage assembly rides on two linear bearings which move freely along two parallel chrome steel rods. The cable runs from the rotational shifter to the derailleur and then back to the shifter.

Other derailleur designs require a spring to move the derailleur in one direction. In order to shift in the other direction the rider must work against the spring tension. With the LMDS it's like having a spring make the shift in both directions.

When shifting to larger cogs, rotate the shifter toward you. The cable pulls the derailleur inboard. You're not pulling against a spring. When shifting to smaller cogs, rotate the shifter away from you. The cable pulls the derailleur outboard. You're not relying on a spring to make the shift.

Indexing is extremely precise with the lightest action imaginable. There's no need to hold the shifter with a "Death Grip" to make a downshift. A light touch with the thumb and forefinger is all that's needed.

Special aluminum ferrules fit into your frame's existing cable stops. Each ferrule provides a second cable stop for the return run of cable from the derailleur to the shifter.

Shimano Top Swing front derailleurs can be retro fitted with the LMDS conversion kit. The kit replaces the cable clamp arm and return spring resulting in the same light and precise shifting action for the front derailleur. The kit includes the front rotational shifter, cable, housing and special ferrules.

The rear derailleur with shifter costs $ Out of production.

The front conversion parts with shifter costs $ Out of production.

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